Whether it is for marketing, sales, or customer service, messenger chatbots are one of the most innovative ways to streamline business tasks and foster growth. There is a reason why most vendors, agencies, and consultancies are integrating a chatbot function directly into their website. The fact is that many customers prefer an immediate response or a subtle interaction from a merchant. Through messenger chatbots, you can easily bridge a communication gap and improve your sales process – ultimately providing you with an edge in the market. 

Ever thought of marketing via Messenger Chatbots? Well, you should…

Did you know that a majority of users favor chat apps over submitting a contact page on your website? 

Every business aims to attract, convert, and nurture new and existing customers. Investing in messenger chatbots helps your business and your customers by leveraging your efforts with interaction, product recommendation, sales, and payment gateways. Think of messenger chatbots as a perfect channel to connect, nurture, convert and up-sell directly to prospective customers. 

90% of newly established enterprises plan to adopt or have already integrated chatbots function into their digital-first business strategy. The following are some of the ways that messenger chatbots can enhance your marketing strategies.

Chatbots for 24*7 customers interaction – Your sales team may get worn-out but not chatbots. They are available to new & existing customers 24*7 (even on Sundays) and play a crucial role in 24*7 support, bringing instant answers to frequently asked questions and even helping customers to buy without sales help. 

Better lead generation – A website landing page, when promoted, emphasizes conversion rate performance. But in order to increase the inflow of leads, you need to have a call to action that prospects can’t resist. A chatbot on a landing page promotion is a smart move for better conversion and increased ROI. They can help and guide users instantly. Moreover, with a messenger chatbot, your marketing team can easily collect important information such as contact details, demographic behaviors, and user buying patterns. All this collected information greatly helps in remarketing strategy. 

Efficient and cost-effective – Compared to the manual method, messenger chatbots are extremely cost-effective and can easily handle complex queries. The implementation doesn’t take much of your time. It works spontaneously, and you’ll instantly notice massive savings come from slashing the time and cost incurred from dealing with customer queries.

Humanizes your brand – Messenger chatbots can make your entire website more interactive. They answer questions promptly and effectively, in a structured manner that mimics human interaction. With each question, the bot also provides a list of options making it easy to offer customers options for available queries. This personification is a great way of building relationships with your target audience. 

The verdict – 

Engagement happens when your brand is able to meet your customer where they need you. A messenger chatbot is always on hand can be helpful for site conversion. Furthermore, chatbots also allow businesses to understand customer’s expectations and provide relevant & desirable solutions. In short, the possibilities are endless.