SEO requires constant diligence to stay up to speed on the latest trends and algorithm preferences. What worked in 2015 will not work in 2021. Even trends from 2020 may completely shift in 2021. In fact, Google reportedly changes its algorithm 200 to 300 times a year! Keep up with the latest SEO trends: here are the top five SEO trends to look out for in 2021.

Concentrate on Content

Content is still king when it comes to SEO. Create engaging, high-quality content that your site visitors will love. The better content you create, the more visitors will spend time on your site and not bounce, which will improve your SEO ranking.

Plus, Google prioritizes the user, so generally, any SEO trend that prioritizes site visitors will work in your favor for SEO.

Localize SEO

More commonly, people are searching for solutions in their geographic location. Ranking on searches like “accountants near me” or “restaurants near me” can bring in a ton of traffic to your site that actually end up using your product or service. You should use Google My Business to claim your local business online and start increasing your SEO ranking in a geo-location.

Think Mobile-First

Historically, most websites have been designed primarily for a desktop and adapted for mobile. However, the data shows that over 50 percent of web users use a mobile device and in 2019 Google implemented mobile-first indexing which looks first at the mobile site before ranking the desktop version. Going forward, you need to think mobile-first with your site design and content to continually rank for SEO.

Prioritize UX

Since Google prioritizes the user when it comes to SEO rankings, it logically makes sense that Google also cares about your site’s user experience (UX). Plus, UX can increase your traffic and sales. According to Ledgeview Partners, 89 percent of consumers will go to a competitor if they have a poor website user experience.

UX design will become even more important in 2021 and going forward for SEO. Especially since more people are accessing your site on mobile, you need to consider their experience and find ways to make your site interactive.

Secure Personal User Data

In 2020, we saw more online scams taking advantage of the uptick of online shopping. Consumers shopping online want indicators that they can trust your website with their data, especially if they are going to complete a transaction on your site. According to a leading web security firm, 85% of online shoppers avoid unsecured websites. You need to build security into your site from the get-go with an SSL certificate.

Google also prioritizes secure sites and will display a “Not Secure” warning on any site without encryption.


You have to constantly improve your SEO tactics to stay up with the latest trends and continue ranking online. These trends are just a few of the ways SEO is adapting in the future. So, which SEO trend will you start with in 2021?