One Agency. One Message. One Price.

Marketing in today’s fragmented environment isn’t necessarily about how much you spend. It’s about being an innovator and not only doing what is right for your business, but also about knowing what is right for your business. Doing and knowing are two things Amplify can do for you, and do well!

Amplify is committed to running successful campaigns for our clients that generate quality leads and continue to build brand loyalty. By doing so, we can keep our customer acquisition rates for our clients low- thus increasing margins and their bottom line!

We’ve created three different packages for our clients to choose for an ongoing campaign. However, should one of these packages not match your exact needs we do build packages and programs off the shelf. Amplify’s packages are dynamic in nature and are a sure win for a business that is not currently conducting any inbound marketing.

Why did we create pre-set campaign packages?
The answer to that is simple. With bundling the respective services within each campaign level such as service hours, blog posts, email newsletters, social media management, etc and rolling each into a 12-month ongoing campaign, we know our exact costs and management levels. This allows us to provide the competitive pricing and dedicated account teams, each of which help deliver exceptional campaign performance and the best possible ROI for each of our clients. Each campaign includes all management services, such as meetings, emails, phone calls, daily monitoring, reporting, etc- which means we are available at your disposal without you having to worry about a running meter.

What type of reporting is involved?
While each package has different reporting levels, rest assured you are provided with full transparency of your account. From analytics of individual account performances to tracking of how your service hours were spent, Amplify provides you with full account transparency.

How does my campaign adapt over time?
Great question! With so much fragmentation a simple change by one major player can have a huge effect on how your campaign could, and should, be ran. Amplify provides a complete review of you strategy, from digital integration even down to the traditional level. When you being a campaign with Amplify, we develop a strategy with an annual outlook, of which we break down into quarters and then adapt to on a daily basis based on your campaign performance.

Which campaign level is right for my business?
Our first recommendation is to take your annual marketing budget and review how much you have available for ‘agency fees.’ From this, start to look at our campaign levels and what they include. Of course, you can always just pick up the phone and call us and one of our great staff members who will be more than happy to talk with you.