What is the process for launching an ongoing campaign with Amplify?

Once you decide you would like to work with Amplify, we begin our in-depth look at your business. Throughout your campaign, we move through our six stage process- which entails Research, Analysis, Strategy, Implementation, Execution and Control.

The first 30 days are spent researching and analyzing your business, competitors and industry. We then develop a recommended strategy for your business and continue moving forward through our process.

Does Amplify offer custom packages?

Absolutely. The minimum for an ongoing campaign with Amplify is $2,500 per month,but our campaign services can be completely customizable to fit your unique needsfrom various service packages, service hour commitment, etc. If you would like to talk to us about a custom package, please contact us by clicking here.

Are there any additional costs?

Depending on your overall marketing strategy, additional costs would include any costs associated directly with products/goods. Examples could be associated costs for purchasing traditional media (TV, Print, Radio), digital goods such as search engine marketing, website and/or mobile app development, hosting, email newsletter credits,text messaging credits, etc.

Does Amplify require a 12-month contract?

Yes. Because we analyze and plan a strategy that takes time to implement, develop and nurture, we do require a 12-month contract commitment. Amplify provides monthly reports so you know at all times how your campaign is operating, all current trends and other in-depth analysis.

What type of results should we expect from our campaign?

In the first month of coming on board with Amplify, we will design a unique strategy for your business. With this strategy we will also create benchmarks and establish various measurable objectives. No two clients are the same, so results will vary by client- but all of our campaigns are build to improve a businesses success when it comes to search engine rankings, website traffic, leads, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

How do we know which campaign level is right for our business?

While every business is different, we recommend you select a campaign based on your available budget. From this point, we will work directly with you to determine what level of campaign spending best fits your business and provide you with an explanation of what the spend will provide for your business.

How do we get started with Amplify?

Ready to move forward? Great, just contact us by filling out this form.

What if we already utilize an agency for other services?

Amplify’s extensive and broad reaching campaigns are fully integrated across many disciplines. With that being said, upon signing up with us many of our customers have existing relationships with other partners. The best way to figure out if we can integrate,replace or help any other capacity is to shoot us an email and give us a brief summary. From there, we will get in touch with you and set up a time to discuss.
Email us here: [email protected]

How does Amplify allocate service hours for my campaign?

Service hours are allocated on a monthly basis, based on your respective campaign strategies, performance and evolving needs and goals. During our initial consultation,we provide you with a recommended strategy for your business. From that recommended strategy, we also will outline the estimated campaign level that can fit
those needs. During your campaign, should some of those hours/resources need to shift to underperforming areas we re-allocate your budgeted hours.

For example, on a 30 hour campaign we might forecast something that looks like:
-8 hours for blog creation, review and implementation
-3 hours for an email newsletter creation, review, implementation and tracking
-4 hours for reputation management
-8 hours for social media management
-2 hours for traditional media consultation/review
-5 hours for search engine marketing account review and updates

How does Amplify track and report service hours?

Amplify team members track all services in our time management system. We provide all service hours on monthly activity reports broken down by department. In addition, we also utilize these reports for our quarterly strategy review sessions and to analyze your account.

What if we don’t want/need blogging service?

If your business already maintains and produces quality content, we will customize your campaign to fully integrate with all other disciplines.

Does Amplify notify us if we are about to exceed our monthly hours?

Yes. We track all services performed on your campaign and have a recommended allocation strategy that keeps us aware of your monthly service hour levels. Slight variations are expected and quarterly reviews of service hours are performed.

What types of activities/services are included in managing our campaign?

Managing your campaign requires a team of personnel with expertise in a variety of disciplines. Managing campaigns can be a very complex process that relies critically on communication. Your ongoing campaign includes these services, which means you are not being charged for internal meetings, communications between employees about your campaign, weekly activity summaries, communications with you, recording of hours worked per campaign, etc.