Are you ready to embrace the demands of your mobile customers?

Over two-third of Facebook and Twitter traffic is coming from mobile devices! That’s an astonishing number. Furthermore, according to Google research, 66% of promotion views are via mobile and 67% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand with a good mobile experience.

Those numbers show a significant shift in how customers are behaving, and in what direction businesses need to begin to adapt. Just look at the numbers, if your business does not begin to shift some of their promotions via mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet and desktop, you can fail to reach approximately 60-70% of social media users. That means if you have or are thinking about integrating social media into your marketing strategy, you seriously need to start thinking mobile.

So now that your customer is mobile, you need to ensure that your promotions, such as sweepstakes, giveaways and contest are optimized for mobile too. Therefore, you need to start considering how your promotions will look and interact with your customer on the mobile device. We want to help you out a bit and have put together a short list of things you should keep in mind when making the shift to mobile.

1. Make your promotions user-friendly.

Keep in mind that the smartphone mobile screen is much smaller and space is much more restricted then a desktop or even a tablet screen. So ensure that you don’t make your customer pinch, or slide their small screen multiple times. Give them a clear look at your promotion from the start, without having to zoom in. The easier it is for them to see it and interact with it, the more likely they are to participate in your promotion.

2. Remove barriers to entry.

Mobile consumers are not going to deal with having to jump through hoops to interact with your business. Don’t make them login in or fill out a long form, just make sure everything is simple, clear and to the point.

3. Simplify participation.

Make sure that the entry form is native for mobile devices so your customers can quickly and easily enter their information. In addition, only ask customers for the information that is absolutely necessary for you to run your promotion.

4. Don’t just shrink it down.

Don’t think that shrinking your desktop version to fit on a mobile device is the solution; most of the time this offers a terrible user experience and 52% of customers say if they have a bad mobile experience they are less likely to interact with that business.  In addition, don’t forget to ensure your creative can adapt to all of the various screen sizes for mobile devices.

5. Optimize across all devices.

As mentioned above, ensure your promotion can work across all devices. So ensure your promotion cannot only be seen correctly on the iPhone but on a Samsung Galaxy too.

Not having a mobile strategy is no longer an option. If you wish to succeed long-term, you should seriously begin to embrace the move to mobile if not your customer might just move on to your mobile savvy competitor. The age of mobile is no longer a prediction but a reality, so make sure you aren’t playing catch up.