Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Building a mobile app for your small business can be very beneficial.  An app is the perfect way to reach your customers in a way that is familiar and convenient for them.  Below are a few great things that can be done through mobile apps for small businesses.

Build Brand Loyalty

Who wouldn’t want to stand out in front of their customers?  Step up your marketing strategy by incorporating mobile marketing.  By incorporating a loyalty tab, your customers can check-in to your bar or club and receive a special deal.

Customer Service and Support

A mobile app for your business allows you to stay in touch with your customers in a simple, efficient way and vice versa.  An app can offer tools to make it easier for your customers to view and possibly purchase your services / products.  In addition, your customers can contact you directly with questions and comments, and you can respond in real-time.  This makes your customers’ lives easier and is a service that adds value to your business.

Word of Mouth

An app can create social buzz.  Your users can share your app with their friends with a simple touch.  Plus all of their check-ins can be viewed by other users, which can encourage more talk about your bar or club.

Show Off Your Products and Earn

You can use your app as a way to show off what products and services you have to offer.  Users can view your products from directly within your app, and, if you choose to, you can have a link to your online store or allow for in-app purchasing.  Either of those options is convenient for your user and will allow for an additional income generating tool.


Features Available


    • Completely customizable
    • Send unlimited push notifications, which can be scheduled to send now or in the future
    • Allow customers to place orders
    • Take payments directly from the app

  • List of upcoming Events
  • Allow users to download the event directly into the calendar on their phone
  • View Map & Get Directions
  • One tap to contact…call, view website, email

Small Business App Solutions

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