Mobile Apps For Restaurants

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Mobile apps for restaurants can be very beneficial in assisting your current marketing efforts.   An app is a perfect way to reach your customers in a way that is familiar and convenient for them.   Below are a few great things that a mobile app can do for your restaurant.

Customer Reach

If your current customers are happy with your restaurant, they are likely to tell their friends and family about it.  How do you gain new users though?  By incorporating keywords into the functionality of your app, you will be able to be found through a generic search in the app store, which will allow you to find new users, who could potentially become new customers.

Show Off Your Products and Earn

You can use your app as a way to show off what products and menu items you have to offer.  Users can view those from directly within your app, and, if you choose to, you can provide in-app ordering for your customers.  This feature is convenient for your user and will allow for an additional income generating tool.


One of the most tried and true ways to monetize a company is offering coupons to your customers.  Adding a mobile aspect of this practice adds an interesting twist.  In addition to offering in-app coupons, you can also send out location-based push notifications to potentially increase use by your customers.

Features Available

    • Send push notifications to customers with great weekly specials
    • Push to call so customers can easily get in touch for reservations
    • Utilize our custom widget for food ordering and place on your website
    • Showcase a visual menu, along with mouth watering descriptions

  • Create a loyalty coupons/rewards system for customers
  • Receive payment from app
  • Allow customers to place food orders
  • Integration with UrbanSpoon




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