Mobile Apps for Nonprofits & Community Organizations

Nonprofits & Community Organizations

Mobile apps for nonprofits or community organizations can be very beneficial.  An app is the perfect way to reach your supporters in a way that is familiar and convenient for them.  Below are a few great things that a mobile app can do for your nonprofit or organization.

Word of Mouth

An app can create social buzz.  Your users can share your app with their friends with a simple touch.  Plus all of their check-ins can be viewed by other users, which can encourage more talk about your bar or club.

Cost Efficient

You can create a mobile app for less than a $1.50 a day. Going mobile with your marketing efforts allows your customers to have your business in the palm of their hands wherever they go.

Build Brand Awareness

Do you know how many times the average person looks at their phones each day?  According to a study by Mogreet, it’s 150 times.  Wouldn’t it be great if your business could generate even a few of those looks?  You can with a mobile app.  A mobile app can be a direct link between you and your customers, and it can increase your brand awareness with your customers and create more customer engagement.

Go Green & Reduce Print Costs

Most businesses have brochures and flyers that they use to educate their customer about their products and services.  With a mobile app, you have the functionality to do just that without the cost of having to repeatedly print your materials.  With just a few minutes of your time, you can constantly keep your products, services, descriptions, photographs, pricing, and much more updated, so your customers always have the most current information for your business.


Features Available

  • Calendar of events, services, and more
  • Submit photos and view a photo gallery
  • In app donations / payments
  • Share this app with friends and family
  • Information about the organization and leaders
  • QR code scanner

  • Send us a message via text or voice
  • Membership, scholarship, or miscellaneous forms
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Send messages and updates to your members
  • Featured partners and sponsors
  • Social media integration including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more




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