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Have you ever “Googled” your business? Do you see yourself on the first page, second page? Maybe you don’t even show up. Now imagine that a potential customer Googles you or a keyword pertaining to your industry, will you appear or will you miss that opportunity to make a sale? 75% of people search for a product or service will not go past the first page of search results! So, if you don’t show up you are probably missing A LOT of potential customers.

Amplify delivers paid search services, including consulting and campaign management, to drive traffic and leads to client’s websites and/or unique landing pages to business of all sizes.

Our SEM team members are hardcore search engine marketing experts! They have been put through rigorous training and taken the industry exams and achieved certification, which shows how dedicated they are to ensuring you have the best searching engine-marketing account you can possibly have. They have a thorough understanding of search engine marketing and overall campaign management, as well as know the proper techniques and strategy behind keyword selection, ad copywriting, budget allocation and management, and campaign optimization.

To ensure you get the most out of your search engine marketing, Amplify follows a five-step process:

  • Paid Search Strategy and Planning
  • Keyword Identification
  • Media Buys
  • Keyword Management
  • ROI Tracking and Reporting

Paid search pricing is based on project scope, primarily planning and management time. Once the project scope has been defined, a set price can be assigned.

Campaign management fees are included in our monthly campaign packages.

Minimum monthly SEM/PPC buy is $300 per month.

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