Mobile Applications

In recent years, smartphones have become an indispensable part of consumer’s life- some even feel that they would be lost without it. With the integration of smartphones and technology into our everyday lives the want and need of mobile apps has increased.

One of the most popular products that Amplify offers are mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. Our mobile apps are more then just a fancy electronic business card. Mobile apps help you showcase your entire business in a new, interactive way! They can help you engage and maintain a loyal customer base. Through the use of a mobile app for your business you can do things such as push coupons, news, events alerts and so much more! Imagine how much repeat business this could drive for your business! Really anything you want your customers to know about your business, you can push through the mobile app.

Through our custom developed platform, we have been able to develop a system that allows us to keep our costs extremely low for our mobile app product. Cost is no longer an issue for businesses of any size when determining whether or not a mobile app is right for them. Now that you’ve got you excited about mobile apps, lets hash out the details. Essentially this is how the cost is broken down:

  • $1999 one-time development fee (this includes iPhone, Android & HTML5)
  • Additional $200 one-time fee for iPad
  • Additional $500 one-time fee for Mobile Food Ordering
  • $75 per month fee (includes hosting, maintenance, push messages and unlimited tech support)
  • * Certain product features have limitations for this price (quantity of items in shopping cart, images in photo gallery, etc)

Check out the links below for more info on our Mobile App solutions for your business!

  • app-solution
  • app-features
  • Have a great idea or need more of a custom solution for your businesses? Give us a call! We have experience developing apps for a variety of use cases such as games, enterprise and large-scale business apps, productivity and more!

    If your business is looking for a custom solution, please contact us here, briefly describe your project and we will be in touch with you!