Here at Amplify we are on a constant quest to ensure our clients get the most out of their services. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that our clients will now be able to manage their mobile app via their own mobile phones!

For the first time, business owners will be able to manage their app on the go with out the need to have access to a computer. You will be able to send out push notifications to your social media, check detailed analytics and so much more!

“Manage Your App” will allow you to sync your business’ social media page. You will now be able simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter and send out push notifications. This means your business can keep your customers well informed through both social media and your app all at once!

So for example, say you want to send out a promotion for Friday night. You can go into “Manage Your App” and send out a message that reads “Come in on Friday night for 10% off your meal!”. By using the app you will be able to update your app users, Facebook fans and Twitter followers all at once. Imagine how much time you can save!

As an Amplify client the app is completely free for you to use right now! So, what are you waiting for download it here or search “Manage Your App” in the iTunes App Store.

And if you aren’t one of our mobile app clients check out our Mobile App services here.

“Every business should be thinking about building mobile apps today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.“ – FORBES

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