The ongoing pandemic in 2020 has triggered some dramatic changes in digital marketing. Experts say that these changes will continue to affect us through 2021, too. It is important to ensure that your business remains up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. Read on to uncover how digital marketing will evolve in 2021.

Voice Search Will Still Be A Must

Voice search has become more and more popular, providing a top-notch user experience which allows people to search hands-free. In 2021, voice search optimization will be essential. Keep in mind that optimizing text search and optimizing voice search is different. The best approach to ensure that your business is optimized for voice search is an updated Google My Business profile. Most users use Google voice search feature and only businesses with an active GMB presence are featured in these results.

Marketing Automation Will Be the Premium Digital Marketing Trend

Another trend that will be seen more in 2021 will be marketing automation, creating a solid strategy to automate marketing efforts. Automation can increase leads and return on investments. Most online users appreciate businesses that provide such services. It can contribute to a premium user experience and more accurate communication with clients.

Video Advertising Will Be the Best Visual Promotional Solution

Visual cues are vital for digital marketing efforts. Still, it is more than obvious nowadays that videos will become the ultimate trend to follow. Sending a message with a text or photograph can be challenging. This is the reason why video can help your business in ways you wouldn’t expect! Video advertising offers a powerful visual and audio story that will establish an emotional communication with the viewer. Video campaigns can be your ally on social media advertising in order to boost impressions, engagement, and brand awareness.

Mobile Phone Optimization Will Be Vital for All Businesses

We all know the importance of mobile optimization, but reports say that only 25% of online businesses invest in professional mobile optimization. In 2021, this will become key to ranking higher in Google search results. It is best to ensure your website is both user-friendly and mobile-friendly in order to attract new customers based on the excellent mobile experience. Use Google’s optimized mobile testing tool to discover which layout of each page needs improvements.

Chatbots Will Be More Frequent In 2021

Traditionally, clients have to wait by the phone to receive an answer to a question. But thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence, you can eliminate this hassle and implement chatbots for your business. It is estimated that by 2022, chatbots will handle up to 90% of essential business activities.