Don’t be another statistic, ensure the success of your new business. 


Are you in the process of opening up your own business? Many people rush into becoming a business owner, without really realizing what it entails. To run a successful business you must avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Not having clear objectives.

From the beginning, it is important to set clear and realistic objectives. Start by making a list of goals and objectives based on a quarterly timeline. In addition, ensure that all your employees are aware of the objectives. Just think about it, a business without clear objectives is like driving a car without a destination in mind.

2. Identify your potential customers.

Who is going to use your product or service? How will they be using your product or service? It is important for you to know who your customer is, so you know how to reach them and maximize your sales.

3. Test your ads.

Run several ads at once with different copy. By doing this you can see what wording resonates best with your customers.

4. Make a budget!

Budgeting is a must with any business, new or established. You should NEVER run the risk of your business running out of money. This is especially true for your advertising and marketing needs. Sit down and plan out how much you have to spend monthly or quarterly on your marketing. Think about promotions you want to run each month, and set that amount aside. Start small, and see what works for you business.

5. Don’t give up.

Starting a business is not an easy task. On average you need to give your promotions at least 3 months before you decide to scrap a campaign. On that note, some promotions might take longer to drive results. As we said before, test your promotion on a smaller scale before you launch a larger promotion, and most importantly be patient. You need to give your business time to be found and talked about, and that takes time.

It’s important that you find employees that will preserve the integrity of your company at all times. Sure, it could be easy to hire the first person that walks in the door, but think about it, one rude customer service experience can cost you not just that particular customer but all their friends and family. So screen your future employees, and ensure that they truly are the type of person that represents your business at its best.

Overall, to be successful you need to ensure you have an array of advertising mediums. Think a health mix of social media, search and maybe even some radio or print (depending on the nature of your business).  In addition, don’t just do one or two promotions and then simply wait for results. Be proactive, find new ways to reach your potential customers, think outside of the box and reach them in a relevant and unique way.

By avoiding these mistakes you can help your business achieve year round success. So plan ahead and get to it!