Tips On How To Use Social Media to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Tips On How To Use Social Media to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Social media has harnessed the way businesses market their brands. If you are making all the hard work but your competitor is getting ahead of you for some reason, it is your time to take your business to a higher level, gain new clients and establish your brand online through social media. Social media has helped 90% of businesses to grow in the last 3 years.

You can stand out from your competitor through social media marketing. Here are some ways on how you do that:

  1. Spread the word

Make the visitors know about your product or service. Create attractive content about your brand. And make it public. You may get plenty of ideas from blogs on the same topics. Create content posts, share ideas, tell what is new and ask your customers to share their views. This is a great way to attract the audience and especially to attract only those who have some sort of interest in your brand.

  1. Curate a theme

Social media is all about words, colors, and designs. You have all the power to demonstrate a theme. Make your brand special by curating a theme. There are numerous festive and social activities happening all around the world. Wear one of those themes and make your business prominent.

  1. Visualize the substance

Social media marketing goes even better if you begin visualizing. Photographic posts get more attention than text posts. People prefer seeing than reading. This is a tremendous pattern of outshining your competitor. 65% of posts with photos or videos get more attention than just text posts.

  1. Make your customers feel good

Customers feel good when they are honored. Own your customers and treat them with royalty. Acknowledge them and make them feel valued. This will not only attract new customers but also build trust and a relationship with the existing ones.

  1. Analyze your competitors

Your competitors would hate to know that you are analyzing them. They might even say that you are spying on them. Well, let them think that way. As analyzing the competitor would give you an idea of what you need to do and not to do in order to succeed. First, check who your competitor is. Then look into their social media activities. What they post, what they are saying and how many followers do they have. If you get an idea, do not be shy about modifying it and using it.

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Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

As we begin another year, it is a great time to see where Marketing is heading. The marketing trends have their effects on the way we operate our business and the way we can generate results. Here are some of the marketing trends for 2020:

Customer Experience

Customer experience is going to be the major marketing trend in 2020. It will no longer just be about the digitization of products but the interaction of the consumers with the brand. We are witnessing a major shift in how marketing is conceived. Marketing is not only about convincing other people to buy from the company but rather, it is more focused upon getting the loyalty of the customers.

experience is already an important part of every business’s culture, but it will be emphasized more in 2020. It will leave positive impacts on the business operation, and greater results will be generated.

Voice Search Optimization

In 2020, voice search technology and smart speakers technology will further be enhanced, which will impact the way we build the content for the marketing purposes of our brands. Therefore, you need to optimize your content for voice search. It is also important for content marketers to focus on anticipating questions that will be conversationally asked by the audience.

Content Visualization

Though Voice search has been skyrocketing, visual content still plays a big role in marketing. You can take the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as an example of how visual content still matters nowadays.


Due to increased advancements in technology, consumers expect and appreciate brands that provide them with much more personalization in their experience than before. New research from Epilson indicates that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business when brands offer personalized experiences.

More interactive email experience

Email Marketing still thrives in this new day and age and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Email consumption and marketing strategies evolve. You will see more interactive and dynamic emails in 2020 that will increase personalization and overall experience of customers.

Artificial Intelligence

We have witnessed a huge advancement in Artificial Intelligence. AI is the technology behind chatbots and voice assistants. There is a great chance that more businesses will use AI-Powered technology and automation to help them enhance their marketing efforts.

New trends and strategies are evolving and will continue to do so within the next few years. Make sure you keep up with these trends and discover the most effective ones for your business.




Paid Advertising Strategies For The Holiday Season

Paid Advertising Strategies For The Holiday Season

This holiday season don’t miss out on valuable consumers, and invest in paid advertising. Christmas is certainly the most wonderful time of the year. Along with jingling bells, this holiday can mean profitable sales for your business. It might sound a little surprising, but buyers start looking out for Christmas presents as early as November.

The craze for online shopping has increased now more than ever, which in turn, has favored the click of the mouse rather than walking around in the city shopping.Companies have decided to take advantage of this change and invest in paid advertising. After all, who would want to gallop around the stores when they can shop from a variety of choices online while sitting at home? The simplicity of buying products online has made everything easier for consumers. The functionalities like comparison and extensive research have made shopping simpler and more fun. With the boost in internet shopping, it’s extremely important that your business is visible online and stands out amongst the vast universe of competitors around you.

So what strategy must you deploy in order to fetch higher visibility and ROI? Paid advertising campaign is the answer. We’re sure every now and then you must have heard and even used this strategy, however, we’re here to give you a fresh perspective on the best tips which you must consider while running paid advertising campaigns this Christmas!

So are you ready for the ride?
Hop on! Here we go.

Seasonal Keywords:

When using a pay-per-click campaign your standard keywords may have worked perfectly fine last year, however, you must give it a twist this time. Consider using a few seasonal keywords for your Christmas PPC campaigns if you want to steal a whopping amount of sales and clicks from your competitors. Your competitors are investing in paid advertising and so should you.
Your keyword list must comprise of words such as ‘gifts for family’, ‘Christmas presents’, or ‘presents for family’. These seasonal keywords are quite popular around the festive time. This doesn’t mean you have to rule out the standard keyword practices you use. All you need to do is add a little search and be more creative in your advertising efforts. Remember – research is a MUST.

Use Social Media As Much As You Can: When we’re talking about paid advertising, Facebook is the next best medium you can use. Facebook offers highly specific targeting options such as interests, demographic data, shopping preference, etc. This means that you can closely target your audience based on their choices. You might question why Facebook Advertising and not AdWords? Well, there are a few key differences on that subject. To begin with, Facebook offers a cheaper CPC and more visually appealing advertisements compared to AdWords. You can get as festive with your promotions as you want with Facebook ads. Also, the Facebook ads can only contain 20% of the text, which means that you’ll have to create highly appealing visuals to boost your chances of securing a higher rate of conversion.

Seasonal Ads: Make sure everything that you advertise is relevant to the holiday season you’re targeting. For instance, you cannot target Christmas on Thanksgiving. Moving ahead, your ads must contain descriptive promotions and seasonal words. Compile unique and creative advertisement content for your festival campaigns. Place clearly detailed and attractive offers in your ads. Adding features like review extensions, site links, and call extensions are a great approach to make your ad stand out amongst the rest hence converting holiday shoppers in return.

These breakthrough tips for your Christmas paid advertising campaigns should help you convert a lot of holiday shoppers into your consumers. Don’t forget to add realistic end dates to your campaigns. Don’t be too hasty with the dates of your offers and use additional ideas like Boxing Day sales to add more to your rate of success.

Triple Your Business ROI with Effective Branding Strategy!

Triple Your Business ROI with Effective Branding Strategy!

To create effective brand strategies and triple your ROI there are many things to consider. Branding is a total expression of a company’s value that includes its products, services, advertisements, position, people, and culture. However, one question that frequently hits us through forums and emails is: Is branding reserved just for big labels like Levis and Nike? Is it an unfit strategy for small-scale businesses? The answer is a big “NO”. Branding is critical for the business of all shapes and sizes.


It is all about what people think of you – that’s it. Nothing matters more than influencing people towards your brand. You can influence branding through well-designed logos, press releases, hilarious ad campaigns, and a lot more. Anyone who notices your brand will have their own perception and your brand will determine who will connect with you and who will not.

Are you still not finding enough reasons to develop a brand for your business? Well, below are 4 reasons that will justify the importance of branding.

Attracts targeted consumers:
People want to easily connect with their favorite brands. A strong brand represents a trustworthy company that is able to continuously deliver the best products and services. A brand acts as a channel that creates a strong connection between businesses and their customers to help strengthen their purchasing decisions with your company and indirectly fuel conversion rates to a great extent.

Creates customer loyalty:
Branding is the best way to promote customer loyalty. Whenever a consumer has a good experience with your product, he or she is going to remember your brand, not the product. Remember, people trust brands, not products and so the very next time they need any product or service, they would look for your business.

A perfect approach to deliver a message:
If designed right, branding can prove to be a great channel of communication with customers. Your brand can let people know your company’s value, message, and characteristics. Such things will help consumers know you better and easily identify your products vs. your competitors. So, it’s essential to know your customer requirements and design your brand accordingly.

Sets you apart from competitors:
Whenever your competitors want to offer similar products, your brand will act as a valuable asset which cannot be replicated.

Does your business need any help with branding strategies? We are just an email away. Our professionals can help you out. Contact us now.

Is it Time to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Is it Time to Hire a Marketing Agency?

Many entrepreneurs start out their business on their own or with a very minimal staff.  After all, it’s a new business, money is tight, and things are just getting started.  After a time, and a bit of success, they start to add a couple more employees.   A sales person, customer support staff, and office manager usually come first.  Then what happens when the business stops growing as quickly or even starts to level out?

You start to ask yourself if it’s time to start expanding your marketing efforts.  The problem comes in that, although you’re an expert in your field, you’re not quite sure what to do where marketing is concerned.  Should you hire someone to work in your office?  But if you do that, how will you know who you should hire, and will they have all of the knowledge you need them to have to properly market your business?

The best solution to this problem is to hire a marketing agency.  They employ several people with skills in several different areas, so that they can give you a wide range of knowledge and expertise.  An agency will be able to evaluate what you’re doing now, and offer suggestions for improvement.  They will also be able to offer new advice that you may not have thought of.  They are there to work with you to improve your business.

hire a marketing agency

So how do you really know if it’s time to hire an agency?

1.  Growth Has Slowed or Even Stopped

If you know that your product or service is good, that there is a market for it, that the price on it is right, and that your staff is doing the best job possible, then the problem could be a lack of or ineffective marketing.

2.  You Don’t Have Time

You’re a business owner, which means you’re probably doing the job of 3 or 4 people, which means you just don’t have time to add another set of tasks.  Especially since marketing is a process that takes time and evaluation.  It doesn’t bring in the money right away that’s needed to pay bills.  The thing is, it is necessary in the long run, and it needs to be a priority, even if it’s not your immediate priority.

3.  You Don’t Enjoy Marketing Tasks

If you don’t like doing it, your customers and followers will know.  They will see it in the boring blog posts, uninteresting email blasts, and lacking social media posts, and you definitely won’t get the desired results from those efforts.  Hire someone who is passionate about what they do, and with a marketing agency that is what you are getting….people who truly love marketing!

4.  You Don’t Understand It

Marketing a business is a complex and sometimes confusing task.  It requires knowing a lot about several different means of communication, knowing how to effectively use those channels, and knowing how to truly evaluate their effectiveness.   A marketing agency knows these things, and can help you make the right decisions and choices in your marketing efforts.

Choosing to hire a marketing agency can be a daunting task, but it is a decision that could help your business take that next big step.  Are you ready to take that step?

So you’re doing social media, now what?

So you’re doing social media, now what?

Social media is THE most popular activity online right now. So it makes sense that businesses, (both national and local) want to take advantage of this. But simply opening up a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account isn’t enough anymore. By avoiding some basic mistakes, many businesses can have the ability to increase return on investment, and create more opportunities from social media accounts.

Social media icons screen

Missteps to Avoid

#1. Not having a game plan

Social media users are bombarded with information and messages every minute of every day via social media. Businesses that don’t have a social media strategy often get lost in all the clutter and fail in reaching their target audience. Creating a game plan for social media includes having distinct goals, developing a clear voice online, and planning out content with a goal in mind. Without a clearly defined game plan you can have the best content on the web, but receive little engagement.

#2. Integrate everything

Social media should be used as a part to a whole. Not only should you link your social media accounts to each other, but they should be directly tied to your website, email, and paid search campaigns. Not taking advantage of connecting these accounts drastically reduces your potential audience reach.

#3. Use IMAGES!

Think about how you use social media. Doesn’t a post with a vibrant image capture your attention better and longer? While an image might not be appropriate for every post, include one whenever possible to help draw attention to your message.

hash tag#4. HASHTAGS

Hashtags are a great way to join conversations and trending topics. Using hashtags strategically can help you find your target audience and reach non-followers in large numbers. Just make sure that it makes sense for your business to use the hashtag and that it flows with the current conversation.

#5. Make sure to Interact

Social media is meant to be interactive. Not every comment needs a response but responding to your “fans” adds to “humanizing” your business and builds trust between the brand and your consumers.


Don’t assume that just because you are posting content good things will come to you. You need to ensure that you are constantly monitoring and gauging what is and is not working on social media. This ensures you are on your toes and can make changes quickly when something isn’t working. Overall your business should work towards creating your own social media voice and community. Social media has the ability to be a cost effective way to reach out to your potential customers and help increase sales.