Digital Marketing FAQs

Digital Marketing FAQs

Nearly all modern businesses agree —digital marketing is essential to creating and maintaining a successful brand. However, it can be occasionally challenging to transition from traditional marketing into digital marketing. If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of digital marketing or need a quick refresher on some essential terms and material, we answer all of the most necessary (and commonly asked) questions here!

Q: Does my brand really need digital marketing?

A: Yes. That’s the short answer. The long answer is that digital marketing is becoming increasingly more essential for finding new customers and improving brand awareness. Companies without a professional online presence are simply not trusted by today’s modern customers.

Q: What exactly is SEO?

A: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the marketing technique of ensuring that your site’s content uses relevant keywords that boosts your online presence in a search engine. High-performing SEO content is one of the factors that can ensure that your site is viewed by customers who are searching online. It is highly important that a company ensure their content is being viewed on search engines and not pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Q: How do I use SEO?

A: Great! You’ve learned what SEO is —however, using it can be a bit more complex. First, know your customer base well. Then, find keywords that target those demographics. Try to establish back-links from other websites to improve your search engine ranking as well. Using SEO keywords in the title of your articles is highly important in creating a first impression.

Q: What social media should I use?

A: It all depends on your target market. Having an online presence on a variety of different social media platforms is certainly not a bad idea regardless; however, if you are looking to concentrate your attention on only one or two platforms, carefully consider your target audience’s demographics. Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular options currently being used by customers worldwide.

Q: Why is inbound marketing good?

A: Inbound marketing is generally more effective than outbound marketing because it generates genuine interest from customers. It draws people in, rather than pester potential viewers with annoying commercials. By producing good, valuable content that consumers are looking for, they will naturally be drawn to your online pages.

Every modern business should be actively completing digital marketing if they want to be successful in today’s market. Be sure to thoroughly understand the techniques and platforms

Tips for Creating Social Media Images That Get Noticed

Tips for Creating Social Media Images That Get Noticed

A successful social media marketing campaign is one of the most effective ways that a business can increase a customer or audience base. However, social media is overrun with an unbelievable amount of different brands and companies, all vying for the attention of a potential consumer. So how, exactly, can you make your social media images get noticed from the thousands of other ones online? With a little bit of hard work and these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create attention-grabbing images on all of your social media accounts.

Lighting Is Key: The secret to almost any great picture is lighting. Well-lit pictures are more aesthetically pleasing and better display your content. The right lighting can completely change the mood of your content and tell a narrative through the images. Social media images with good lighting are much more likely to be noticed than content with poor lighting.

Keep Your Feed Consistent: Rather than radically shift the style of your pictures with every new post, keeping the atmosphere of your feed similar is an effective strategy to improve social media images’ performance. Keep color schemes and contrast at similar levels from post to post, in order to create a cohesive brand image online. Therefore, if you enjoy pastel tones and low contrast in your images, try to consistently use similar levels in other posts as well.

Know Your Audience: It’s important to keep careful track of your social media image’s audience and demographics. Ensuring that your content suits your target audience is an essential step in receiving more online engagement. Determine what performs well with potential customers and try to post similar content. However, good balance is key. Simply following current trends will make your pictures seem repetitive. Instead, take inspiration from well-performing posts but try to add your own, unique twist to truly capture attention from viewers.

Visual Balance: Visually balanced pictures capture attention and garner more genuine interaction with viewers than unbalanced pictures. Pay careful attention to how lines, text, and colors interact in your social media images. A good rule of thumb is to center the most important content to increase interest and convey essential information about your brand or product. Overall, a social media image should not be overwhelming, but merely intrigue viewers to explore more.

With just a few simple changes and a heightened awareness of style and design, it’s easy to completely boost your brand’s online presence. By following these easy tips, your social media images are much more likely to be noticed than before and truly make a significant impact on your company’s success on social media platforms.

Ways to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

Ways to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

Your website traffic has suddenly hit a slump —now what? On online business needs a consistent stream of traffic in order to stay relevant and generate revenue; therefore, it is essential to continuously attempt to boost your website traffic. Luckily, there are a variety of different techniques that online business owners can use to turn the tides in their favor. Read on to discover some of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s website traffic, today!

Check for Penalties: If your content is plagiarized or uses other unfair or irrelevant marketing techniques, such as invisible text or links to non-relevant content, then Google can penalize your site. This penalty can create a huge loss in traffic. It’s easy to check if your site has a penalty or not by looking at the notifications on Google Search Console. Revising your content to fit the standards set by Google can increase your website traffic again!

Add Quality Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the many essential components that drive traffic to your website. If your traffic is falling, try investing in developing quality backlinks. Content that is organically connected to other sites generates more website visitors and often ranks higher on search engines. It’s also important to remove bad backlinks that connect your site to undesirable or irrelevant sites.

Purchase Niche Ads: Purchasing or renewing relevant ads is a great way to turn around falling website traffic. Ads can be costly but highly effective in generating more views to your pages. When creating an effective ad, it’s important to consider your target audience and create ads that directly appeal to them using relevant keywords and content. Additionally, if your current ads are no longer as effective, try looking for new places to advertise or revise your current ad campaign.

Boost SEO Ranking: A decrease in your SEO ranking can cause a big drop in website traffic. Maintaining relevancy in the search result rankings is important to capturing the attention of potential visitors to your site. SEO can be improved in a variety of ways, such as using accurate keywords and original content that relates to your site.

Check User Experience: A bad website design can drive away your customers completely, causing a drop-in website traffic. Effective user design is well-organized and simple to use. Navigating your website should not be difficult for the user to complete. A long loading time can force impatient visitors to abandon your site before it even loads. Check that all of the different processes on your site are easy to use and attractive to customers.

Don’t worry if you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in your website traffic! Improving your website traffic is important, but there are a number of different techniques you can try to use in order to revitalize your business and attract more attention. Try using multiple different methods mentioned on this list in order to best increase your online presence and website traffic.


How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

Online marketing is an increasingly essential format of branding that can make or break the success of your business. Advertising through Google is crucial, as it is the major internet server, and any ads or online presence your business has is viewed by potential customers using Google search algorithms. Therefore, your Google Ads Quality Score —a ranking which indicates the sure experience and accuracy of your ads— is one of the most important factors your business should consider for your online marketing campaigns. If your Google Ads Quality Score isn’t where you want it to be, read on to discover all of the ways you can improve it!

Increase Expected Click-Through Rate: A good ad will have a high click-through rate, meaning that potential customers viewing your ad will be more likely to follow through and visit your site, rather than dismiss the information. Keywords play a big part in increasing click-through rate. An optimal ad’s keywords should match the keywords used by customers searching Google. Your Quality Score takes keyword accuracy into account when ranking your ad. Above all, a higher anticipated click-through rate signals to Google that your content is relevant to visitors and worthy of a higher Quality Score.

Develop Relevant Ads: A huge part of increasing the click-through rate is done through designing relevant online advertisements. Customer’s needs and desires should be targeted specifically rather than broadly. In order to improve your Google Ads Quality Sore, and also the success of your advertisements, try focusing the scope of your ad details. Ads that are closely related to search keywords will receive higher scores and more audience engagement. Don’t try to reach every internet user with your advertisements; instead, consider a narrower range of target audience and use increasingly relevant content and keywords to reach them.

Design Optimal Landing Page Experience: After your ad successfully attracts clients to your page, it is essential that your landing page provides a positive experience as well. Landing pages should be easy to navigate and well organized. The product or information mentioned int he advertisement should be clearly visible to the customer. If your Google Ads Quality Score is lower than you’d like, chances are your landing page might not provide a good experience. To improve your Google Ads Quality Score, carefully create a landing page that is useful to users and relevant to your keywords.

Make sure that your company’s online presence is the most effective it can be by improving your Google Ads Quality Score. Making these changes can not only help in boosting your ad’s viability, but can also lead to a higher rate of successful hits to your business. A high-Quality Score indicates a successful advertisement!

Why You Should Invest in a Custom Website

Why You Should Invest in a Custom Website

Investing in a custom website might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to improving your business —but it shouldn’t be. There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a custom website as soon as possible. Not only does it create a stronger brand image and attract customers, it also can help your company be more easily discovered.

Serious Image: In our modern society, most people’s first impression of a company occurs the moment they click on the website. When browsing online for products and services, consumers browse through any number of different companies’ websites to try and make a decision. Oftentimes, a low-quality website looks unprofessional and can turn potential customers away before they even read more. Having an attractive interface signals that your company is professional and serious, which in turn can help persuade people to use your brand.

Improve SEO: A custom website designed specifically to improve SEO and audience traffic can boost interaction and sales. Recently, Google’s website ranking has expanded the factors it uses in its algorithms to determine high ranking websites. It now includes new factors such as time spent on website or pages interacted with. Therefore, a more unique and attractive looking website will entice visitors to spend longer browsing through your content which will boost your SEO.

Stay On Brand: Maintaining a cohesive brand is an essential part of modern marketing. It can help attract new customers by showcasing an attractive design that seamlessly fits in with the other aspects of your business. A custom website can ensure that your information is presented in a manner that reflects both what might attract your target audience as well as what prior customers expect when interacting with your business. Whether chic, serious, playful, or modern, a custom website can use design elements to easily set the tone for your business.

Be Flexible: A rigid website template doesn’t allow any room for creativity, which can be problematic when the design doesn’t best suit you and your business. Don’t let yourself become trapped in an inefficient layout. By seizing creative control of your website, you can make custom changes that are more attractive to your client base. It can be as simple as adding in a new element that highlights new products, a help page with increased customer service potential, or more. The ability to be flexible is essential to creating the best online experience possible for your clients.

The reasons why you should invest in a custom website are endless. Business owners looking to treat their brand seriously and attract more customers can benefit from ditching the cookie-cutter website templates and exploring a custom style that best showcases their products and services.