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In a world dominated by online information consumption it is extremely important for businesses to have an online presence. Having a website can help generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages whether your business is small, large or somewhere in between. With 97% of Internet users looking for local goods and services online, if your business doesn’t have a website you might just lose a potential sale to one of your competitors.

No worries though, Amplify can help you get on track! We can help you develop a website from the ground up, or help improve your current website. We have worked with a variety of clients ranging from small business commerce sites to large scale customized websites, so you can rest assured that our team of experts will be able to design you a top-notch and fully functional website.

Desktop Website 

This is your basic website. Amplify develops and designs a site that best fits with your business’ needs, whether it be for simply showcasing products or you need a full ecommerce site, you can be sure that we will keep your unique style and brand in mind throughout the whole process.

Mobile Websites

Don’t think you need a mobile website? Think again- 61% of customers who visit a website that isn’t mobile-friendly will leave the site to visit a competitors (International Advertising Bureau). Let us help you take your business mobile!

Landing Pages

Landing pages are very unique in that they allow you to send your customer to specific page where they can perform a specific action such as sign up for a newsletter, set an appointment or register for an event.  A landing page should be customized with copy and design elements that will prompt your customer to take the desired action.

Responsive Web Design Development

Website’s We’ve Designed & Developed

Our website clientele ranges from businesses who need help establishing their online presence, business-to-business websites whose specific use is to generate quality sales leads to larger retail stores needing a robust ecommerce solution with payment and shipping integration for their growing business. Here are a couple of examples of the work we have done:

Our Website Development Process

We believe the user interface is extremely important, and in order to be able to provide the best user experience for our clients we like to begin our process by understanding your business. We start thinking about your business’ messaging and how the user will interact with your website.

1. Review of Current Situation

If you currently have a website we look at what it does, how it interacts with the user and how we can improve it’s usability and design. In addition, we look at how it is currently being indexed with major search engines and its overall performance.

If you don’t have anything set up, we look at your business model and discuss what your goals and what your business hopes to achieve with a website.


2. Business Analysis

In order to implement a successful website, we need to understand your business’ sales process and target audience. In doing this, we are able develop a strategy for communicating each client’s unique value proposition to their ideal customer on your website.

3. Website Blueprint

Your website content and page is then organized in a way that makes your website easy to use. We build out a  ‘wireframes’, almost like a blueprint, that helps us visualize the flow of your website and put down ideas on paper before we begin the design stage of the website.

4. Creative Strategy

Once we have the ‘wireframe’ of your website mapped out. We then let our creative gurus take over. Based on customer insights and your business’ business strategy they will then begin to design the site.

5. Front-end Coding

We use the latest front-end coding standards to ensure that our websites are compatible with mobile devices and are search engine-friendly. 

6. Content Management System Development

Depending on your needs, we will customize an off-the-shelf content management system such as WordPress (basic content website) or WooThemes (e-commerce).  We also can develop custom content management systems for clients who need more then just the basics.

Once development of the content manage system is done we review the system with each of our clients, showing them the in’s and out’s their system and review any limitations.

7. Quality Assurance

Our coding undergoes rigorous stress tests including potential exploits, workload balancing, and compatibility.

8. Future Improvements and Online Marketing

There are always improvements and changes that can be made to your website. Which is why we personally maintain and update your website even after the website has launched. Our website team will always be just a call, email, or tweet away from helping you make additions or changes to your new website.

A well designed website should help you grow your business. Amplify can provide your business, large or small, with a professional looking website. Not only can you benefit from our web design work, but we offer a suite of services: from logo design to print design and online marketing that can further help fuel your businesses’ growth.

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